Thailand World Music Championships


The Champion all class will receive the Royal Trophy of Thailand.


Receive the Royal Trophy Given By

Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn

All participants will receive certificate in PDF file.

Performers Regulations

Division 1
  1. No restriction of Educational Institution requirements.
  2. No restriction of nationality.
  3. No age requirements for Performer members entry.
  4. Performer members minimum required must be 20 people, except conductor.
  5. A performer can only be participating and representing ONE TEAM in Modern Symphony Orchestra
Division 2
  1. Performer members must be student and studied at the same school or institute only.
  2. Performer members must studied at present school not less than one semester.
  3. No restriction of nationality.
  4. Age requirements for Performer members must below than 20 years old, born since 2005 (Count by year only) except Drum Major.
  5. Performer members must be minimum 20 to maximum 40 people only, except conductor.
  6. A performer can only be participating and representing ONE TEAM in Modern Symphony Orchestra

Eligibility Certification

  1. The class limits ages shall submit eligibility certification signed by the authorizing school principal or administrator listing all approved participants not over than 60 days. [Click here to download example]

Classification & Category Change Policy

  1. Category change request is available only after the announcement of the names of the participation within 15 days. After the 15 day period, no changes are allowed in any case.
  2. Classification change request is available only 60 days prior to the first date of the competition period. You are not allowed to make any changes which is not in that period.

Event Performance

General Rules
  1. If the all participants over teams limite must send a video for qualifying round and score ranking (Preliminary) to select not more than 15 teams (including all classes) to the Semi Finals and the Finals.
  2. International participants will be eligible to enter the semi-finals and finals automatically and will be counted in all 15 teams.
  3. The champion of Band Competition of Thailand (only for Thailand Band present year and same category only) will be eligible to enter the semi-finals and finals automatically and will be counted in all 15 teams.
  4. Judging System by World Marching Band Organization (WMBO), all classes are being judged by different criteria.
  5. Can select any suitable songs and the participant team must responsibility for music copyright in anycase.
  6. Not allow to use Fire, live animals all the time when performance.
  7. Any kind of equipment or props including electrical equipment are allowed to use for the performance by taking into consideration of the performer’s safety for the first priority. Staffs reserve the right to consider not granting permission in case of seeing the risk of the equipment.
  8. Only participants can stay in the competition area.
  9. Props and equipment NOT allow to put inside the stadium before or after competition, must take everything out from competition area.
Technical Rules
  1. The instruments allow to use in competition 3 type is (1) String Instrument (Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Harp), (2) Woodwinds and Brass, (3) Percussion can use any instruments also Concert Percussion and Marching Percussion is also Piano and Celesta.
  2. Electric instruments can only be used with electric piano, electric keyboards, which can be used to replace the sound of instruments such as harp, piano, celesta, and only one per instrument is required.
  3. Amplifier band must prepare can not use from stadium system.
  4. Competition in seating not allow to march.
  5. Prepare scores six (6) copy for judges review.

Competition Timing

  1. All Division & All Clas is allowed a performance time of 8 to 12 minutes.

Set Up & Start

  1. A team is allowed five (5) minutes to set-up and warm-up anywhere in the performance area (no penalty).
  2. Can start anywhere on the performance floor. The timing will begin following the announcement that...
  3. Announcer Command

    • Step 1 : Welcome, everyone to Thailand World Music Championships, The team going to the stage is from [Province/State, Country]

    • Step 2 : Master of Ceremonies will explain team information (During team set up the filed).

    • Step 3 : (Team ready to start) Drum Major [mention max three name] is your team ready? (give signal to MC.)

    • Step 4 : The performance of 20XX Program [Program Title] ### Conductor turn to salute ### Thailand World Music Championships proud to present [Team Name].

    • Step 5 : Start the Show...
  4. After the announcement is over the first step or first moving by the band after the announcement will start count time to performance.
  5. If the first step or first moving of performance has not occurred within 15 seconds of conclusion of the announcement, the timer will commence timing.
  6. Stopping timer at the end of the performance will be counted from the last sound or movement of the performance.
  7. The team should completely vacate the performance field within three (3) minutes of the end of the Performance (no penalty).

Performance Field Diagram

  1. The field size is 55x80 Yards. (To perform outside the field is allowed.)


  1. For time requirements: 0.1 points per 3 seconds or fraction thereof.
  2. Any participants over age limit or over quantity of participants rules will not allow to join competition.
  3. If the number of performers is less than the rules, 1 point will be deducted for every 1 person until the number specified by the rules is reached (Example, the rules specify a minimum of 20 performers and you have 18 performers, 2 points will be deducted)
  4. The violation to the general rule no.8 & 9 will result in penalty for 5 points.
  5. Repealing from the competition during the competition period. Participants must submit a letter explaining the objectives and reasons for repealing to The Marching Band Association of Thailand and signed by the organization authority. Repealing will be complete only with the consent of The Marching Band Association of Thailand. Any action that violates and / or does not comply with the rules and regulations of the competition. The committee reserves the right to disqualify that participant from all competition organized by The Marching Band Association of Thailand for 5 years.


By World Marching Band Organization

Learn more WMBO judging system at


Specification (Based on Number of Participants)

SPEC: A Less than 20 Performer members.
SPEC: AA 20 to 40 Performer members.
SPEC: AAA 41 to 60 Performer members.
SPEC: AAAA 61 to 80 Performer members.
SPEC: A+ 81 to 100 Performer members.
SPEC: AA+ 101 to 120 Performer members.
SPEC: AAA+ 121 to 140 Performer members.
SPEC: AAAA+ Over 140 Performer members.

  • Specification management is for reference number and judges analysis, is NOT about rules and regulations.

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